Searching for Me

So WordPress analytics has this wonderful ability to show you the key search terms that were Googled in order to get to your blog. The results are AMAZING. Along with the normal searches from my stalkers including phrases: “chang chang travels,” and “allison chang northeastern twitter,” – I thought it would be great to list some of my favorite search terms that have led the masses to my humble travel blog. I’ll be updating this on a rolling basis. Enjoy!

  • Cones kill
  • Ass electro
  • Mongolian nomads
  • Best pictures caress fo girls
  • Chang chang solo traveller
  • Abstract will Ferrell
  • Stealing cone
  • Sexy arches
  • Ass on the beach
  • Grueling mountain climb
  • Care bears fighting
  • Great white shark jumping
  • Too poor for amex
  • Anime fat people
  • Evil peeps
  • How old is chang chang in 2011
  • Scuba diving off of jack up platform Malaysia
  • Couch travels
  • Orange cone stuck under car
  • Fat people running cartoon
  • Platypus eating fast food
  • Mongolian queen
  • Destination unknown ass
  • Girls sat on atv
  • Girl boat
  • Boring people that couchsurf
  • Mcdonalds underwater rapist
  • Medieval evil food
  • Will Ferrell mountain climb
  • How to survive porta potties
  • Picture man hurt while bungee jumping aftermath
  • Menopausal ennui
  • Awesome phrases
  • Sky traffic spring cone
  • Gobi desert nomads
  • How to tiger ko for bs 2011
  • Sexy naked laser ninjas
  • chang me
  • how+to+tell+a+couch+surfer+to+leave
  • chinese pilot goggles
  • shitty couchsurfing experiences
  • spontaneous travel
  • 20 foot container sun protection

2 Responses to “Searching for Me”

  1. Szabina Nagy November 11, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    Hi, Could you give an email address where I can write to you about your blog!
    Thanks, Szabina

    • ChangChaang November 11, 2011 at 10:16 am #

      Hi Szabina,
      Thanks for stopping by! You can reach me via email here: – there is a link to my email address at the bottom.


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